4. Start a local chapter of the corporate accountability action league

Why it matters

There are inspired, passionate people in your area and around the country who are ready to take action. You can easily turn your weekly get-together with friends, your social activism-angled book club, or your faith group into a more intentional gathering as a local chapter of the corporate accountability action league. We’re stronger when we’re working together across movements, issue areas, and experience levels.

What to do

Here are some simple actions your chapter can take together.

  • First, contact us at actionleague@corporateaccountability.org or 617.695.2525 to get connected with our volunteers and organizers who are working with people around the country. Let us know what plans you have in the works so we can support you and share ideas and resources with you. We can also connect you with other people in your area taking similar actions.
  • Write letters to the editor about issues of corporate accountability that matter to you and your community. See a guide for writing letters here. Some ideas:
  • Protect your public water. As a group, deliver a copy of the Troubled Waters report to your local water department, city hall, or state legislators and ask them to commit to not signing a “public-private-partnership” or water privatization deal.
  • Stop McDonald’s from targeting children. Organize a delegation to a local McDonald’s franchise to meet with the owner and call on the corporation to end its marketing practice known as McTeacher’s Nights.
  • Support attorneys general investigating Exxon for decades of deception around climate change.
    • Make a thank-you call to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey for leading the charge to investigate ExxonMobil. Her office can be reached at 617-727-8400.
    • Make a thank-you call to New York and California attorneys general to thank them for their leadership in this case as well:
      • The New York Attorney General's office can be reached at 1-800-771-7755.
      • California Attorney General Xavier Becerra's office can be reached at (916) 323-2827.
    • Call your attorney general (if you don’t live in MA, NY, or CA), asking them to launch an investigation into what Exxon knew.
    • Organize a visibility event at a local Exxon Mobil gas station.
  • Help advance racial justice by challenging corporate power. Support the Movement for Black Lives’ call to end the exploitative privatization of natural resources -- including land and water -- by urging local elected officials to implement fair development practices.
  •  #DefundDAPL. Take part in the divestment movement, support indigenous rights, and protect our water. This campaign encourages individuals not only to move their money out of banks funding the Dakota Access Pipeline, but also to organize their communities to take collective action to divest.
  • Advance policies that support immigrants in your community and ensure local agencies do not deport people.
  • Divest from private prisons. Join the movement to challenge the private prison industry and divest from corporations that profit from incarceration and deny people their human rights.
  • Challenge trade agreements that further expand corporate power. President Trump plans to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which resulted in a radical expansion of corporate power and abuse. Join us as we organize to ensure any renegotiation of NAFTA prioritizes people and the environment over corporate power.
  • Build the movement. Host a house party to mobilize action and raise money to build the movement! Movements are built on relationships: people speaking to each other one by one about issues they care about. In our day-to-day, it can be difficult to create space to talk about issues like climate change, economic justice, or why water privatization matters in a big way. Create that space by holding a gathering at your house, at a café, or in a community space to spread the word about the vital importance of challenging corporate power. This is your chance to bring together your friends, family, colleagues, and everyone else to voice your passion for justice and ask them to join you in taking action and giving financially to build a future free of corporate abuse and interference.

We want to hear about actions you are taking in your community! Share them with us below:

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