1. Opt In

Why it matters

Social movements are born when large numbers of people say “Count me in: I am committed to changing the conditions of the world.” And this moment will likely go down in history as one of the more important times to say "yes, I'm in."

Commit to yourself and those close to you that you will engage and take action to make things better.

What to do

  • Stay informed and alert for opportunities to take action. Sign up to get email alerts from Corporate Accountability International. Check out the broad, multi-racial, cross-sector coalition of organizations mobilizing across the country around Beyond the Moment. And keep up with other great organizations, such as BLMCosecha, ACLU, and SURJ
  • Set a goal for how many actions for social justice you will take in a month, or a week. It could be something as simple as signing a petition to something as involved as organizing a local event. Find a buddy to take action with, and keep yourself accountable by letting them know what your goal is.
  • Keep yourself inspired and motivated.
    • Print out this poem, or another piece of writing, quote, or art that inspires  you and will continue to motivate you to take action (You can find many other poems here and here). Put it by your desk, attach it to your fridge, tape it to your medicine cabinet -- wherever you need it the most!
    • Make or follow a playlist of songs to keep you going. Share it with your friends and networks to keep them motivated, too!