5. Escalate

Why it matters

We can make so much happen when we work together in structured, strategic campaigns. Once you’ve got momentum with your local group, consider joining campaigns locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally that challenge corporate power and abuse. Your local group can be a part of a growing movement across the country that wields enormous grassroots power -- the most effective force to challenge transnational corporations and the agenda of the Trump administration. And as you direct your energy toward building and sustaining more focused campaigns and a longer-term movement, your victories will become bigger and sweeter.

What to do

  • Learn more about Corporate Accountability International’s four campaign areas: water, climate, food, and tobacco.
  • Get strategic. Many of the actions outlined in section #4 represent one tactic in a larger strategic campaign plan. Set up a conversation with one of our organizers about focusing on a particular area of interest. They can help you develop a long-term plan as part of a national campaign and set you up with the tools you need to keep up the pressure until you see victory. Contact us at actionleague@stopcorporateabuse.org or 617.695.2525.
  • Get trained. Sign up for trainings and events organized by us and other groups to deepen your skills as an activist and change-maker.