2. Be vigilant, alert, and in touch with local officials

Why it matters


When you struggle under the avalanche of news about the shocking actions of President Trump and his administration, remember the old adage: “All politics is local.”

Local elected officials will be the first line of defense against the Trump administration and its pro-corporate agenda. For example, mayors are often the decision-makers when the private water industry comes to profit off our public water systems. City councils can act to protect residents from federal, civil, or human rights rollbacks or the barrage of fast food marketing inundating communities. State legislatures are already leading the way in setting renewable energy goals, despite the fossil fuel industry’s opposition. Moreover, when an elected official -- at any level -- stands strong to vocally, vociferously resist the Trump administration's agenda, they help show that the administration's agenda is not normal. They will inspire others to stand strong, too.

What to do

  • Monitor for increasing corporate control in your city or town -- including water and other infrastructure privatization.
    • Read your local newspaper, keeping an eye out for stories and examples of privatization. Key words that indicate possible privatization are “outsourcing,” “efficiency,” “consulting contracts,” and “public-private partnerships.”
    • Keep an eye on your city council’s agenda for privatization issues. Generally, city council meeting schedules and agendas are easily found on your local government’s website.
  • Be in touch with your elected officials. Find the contact info for your federal, state, and local elected officials here. Call their offices with specific questions or requests to support initiatives important to you. Leave messages, speak with staffers, make your voice heard.
  •  Do the same for your judges, district attorney, and state attorney general. (A simple Google search should turn up judges’ and DAs’ contact information.)