6. Organize your community to resist Trump’s water privatization scheme

Why it matters


We all need safe, affordable water to survive and to live healthy lives. But private water corporations are positioning themselves to profit at the expense of public health by privatizing our water systems.

If the Trump administration gets its way, giant corporations will soon get huge tax breaks to privatize critical pieces of our infrastructure -- like our water systems. 

It’s a disturbing prospect because when corporations take over public water systems, people end up paying the price. Rates skyrocket, safety is undermined as corporations cut corners, and systems crumble from lack of investment. As an example, one of the biggest water corporations in the world, Veolia, was involved in the lead crisis in both Flint and Pittsburgh.

We must ensure no such plan passes, and instead secure solutions where our public water is treated as a common good for all, where people’s human right to water isn’t put at risk so corporations can turn a profit, where control of water stays in the community and isn’t taken by power-hungry corporations.

What to do

  • Sign the petition and urge your members of Congress to reject any plan that would privatize our water systems, and instead advocate for reinvestment in public water infrastructure.
  • Join the corporate accountability action league to get in touch with other volunteer organizers around the country, ask questions, share best practices, and inspire each other with your plans! Sign up and we'll be in touch:
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