3. Connect with others to share knowledge, ideas, and opportunities for action

Why it matters


As Naomi Klein has pointed out, part of the Trump administration’s strategy is to keep us in shock, disoriented, and fearful. When catastrophes happen for which we don’t have a narrative, it’s easier for corporate forces to come in and shape the narrative in service of their own profit-driven agenda. An important strategy for resisting this “shock and awe” tactic is to find each other, share our ideas, read, listen, connect, and develop our own narrative, together.

What to do

Have another idea for a great book we should all discuss? Share it with us:

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  • Hold dinner discussions with like-minded people. Consider inviting folks outside of your inner circle. Your neighbor, your barista, or the person who always seems to be on the same laundromat schedule as you just might have a new perspective or connections to local organizations that you’ve always wanted to participate in.
  • Take part in the #ReadersResist conversation on Twitter every Friday.