A guide for challenging the expansion of corporate power and building the corporate accountability movement.

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This toolkit is designed for you to use immediately. What follows are seven things you can do right now to challenge corporate influence over our lives and help shape the world we will live in for the better.

Whether you’re a seasoned organizer or brand new to taking action, we’ve created this toolkit to give you the tools you need to take effective action to challenge the Trump administration and the expansion of corporate power in your community and beyond and to build anew.



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Unbridled display of corporate power.

What’s become increasingly clear is that Trump’s administration and his Cabinet full of millionaires and billionaires (including Rex Tillerson, Betsy DeVos, and Steve Mnuchin) don’t believe in the government’s role to provide and protect. In fact, they are intent on dismantling many of the programs and regulations that have been put in place to protect our health, well being, and the environment, while giving transnational corporations even greater license to run amok.

But here’s the thing: The Trump administration’s agenda is not new and our economic system has been broken for a long time. For decades, a handful of people and corporations have grown enormously wealthy at the expense of the economic and social well-being of the rest of us. It is true that the scale, speed, and impact of Trump’s expansion of corporate power are unprecedented. And his administration’s extreme use of racism, xenophobia, and sexism to advance its agenda is frightening and absolutely unacceptable. But the hard facts are that we’ve been on this course for decades, under many White House administrations. The corrosive and dominating influence of global corporations has been at the heart of many of our most pressing problems for many years. Now that influence is laid bare: Exxon Mobil is at the helm of our State Department. A former Goldman Sachs banker is in charge of the Treasury. The list goes on.

Building toward transformation, together.

But there’s hope. Corporate power has never been more visible -- and that makes it ready to be named, shamed, and challenged. And because of outrageous actions by the Trump administration that are putting people and our planet at risk, many, many people like you are fired up to come together and take action. Together, we can ignite a corporate accountability movement that will challenge the Trump administration’s agenda and actions at the rapid response, day-to-day level. At the same time, we can build a movement together that will transform this society from one where corporate power runs the show to one where the common good and people’s rights, well-being, and dignity come first. This toolkit provides seven things you can do, starting today. Do one, a couple, or all seven. What’s important is that you opt-in, say “yes,” get connected, and start building toward a better world. The toolkit is designed to provide both inspiration and concrete steps to take forward. We hope you spread this toolkit widely among your friends, families, and networks. We need as many people with us as possible.

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